12 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services of 2023, According to Testers and Dietitians

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Factor is our pick for the best prepared meal delivery service, but we also loved Trifecta Nutrition, Daily Harvest, and 10 others. Find out which one is best for you.

Disclaimer: All the services tested below were tried by Healthline writers or editors, who received the meals for free. All opinions are our own.

Meal delivery services can be an easy way to add more variety to your diet while saving time on meal prep.

Prepared meal delivery services are especially convenient, with many offering meals that can be simply reheated and enjoyed — no cooking, cutting, or cleaning required.

However, not all prepared meal delivery services are created equal.

Healthline writers and editors tried 20 of the most popular prepared meal delivery services to find out which ones are worth paying for.

Best overall prepared meal delivery service


Here’s a quick look at how our top picks compare:


At Healthline, we know that meal delivery services are an investment, so we’ve taken the time to test more than 20 of the most popular prepared meal delivery services on the market. Testers select a week’s worth of meals from multiple menus to get a well-rounded view of the types of flavors and ingredients offered.

During testing, we consider several factors, including the ease of the sign-up and meal selection process, the variety and nutritional composition of the meals offered, ingredient quality and freshness, how easy the meals are to cook, and, of course, the taste. You can learn more about how we test meal kits.



Here are several factors to consider when selecting a prepared meal delivery service that’s right for you:

  • Menu selection: Look for a company that offers a diverse menu, with a variety of options to fit your specific food preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • Ingredient quality: In addition to freshness, some people may prefer a service that uses organic or sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Nutritional quality: Opt for services that prioritize meals containing lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables. When possible, try to avoid meals that contain artificial additives or large amounts of sodium or added sugars.
  • Cost and availability: As they vary greatly in price, be sure to select a service that fits your monthly budget, including shipping. It’s also important to check whether the service is available in your area.


What is the best meal delivery service for one?

Splendid Spoon is one of our favorite prepared meal delivery services for singles, thanks to its wide selection of vegan meals and snacks, creative flavor combinations, and nutritional quality of the dishes.

With that said, there are many great prepared food delivery services catered to individuals. The best option will depend on your dietary needs, budget, and food preferences.

Are meal delivery programs worth it?

Meal delivery services might be worth the investment if you’re looking for a convenient way to save time on cooking each week. Prepared meals can also be a simple way to enjoy nutritious foods and include a wider variety of ingredients in your weekly menu.

Are pre-cooked meals healthy?

Prepared meals can be part of a balanced diet. Factor and Trifecta Nutrition are our favorite prepared options because their meals are crafted to be nutritionally balanced, featuring lean proteins, complex carbs, and plenty of vegetables. They also feature menus to suit certain diet patterns.

However, if you’re looking for whole foods and plant-based services, Sprinly, Daily Harvest, and Splendid Spoon all feature vegetable-forward meals with plant-based protein sources.

What is a prepared meal delivery service?

Prepared meal delivery services provide ready-made fresh or frozen meals, which require little to no cooking or preparation. These meal delivery services are designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen and can be a convenient alternative to meal kits or buying ingredients and preparing meals at home.


Many meal delivery services are available and can help you enjoy healthy meals at home.

There are options for many specific diets and food preferences, including services tailored to older adults, vegetarians, athletes, and more.

When picking a prepared meal delivery service, be sure to consider factors such as cost, availability, variety, and quality.

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