12 of the Best Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Services in 2023

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Sunbasket is our top pick for diabetes-friendly meal delivery, but there are several other great options as well.

If you have diabetes, a nutritious diet that promotes healthy blood sugar levels is critical.

However, it may feel challenging to stock your fridge and pantry with the groceries needed to prepare diabetes-friendly meals. Many people are short on time, making meal prep and planning a constant struggle.

Fortunately, many meal delivery services offer diabetes-friendly options, such as low carb, plant-based, paleo, and keto meals. Research suggests that all of these dietary patterns can promote healthy blood sugar management.

Here are 12 of the best meal delivery services for people with diabetes.




Here’s a quick look at how our picks of the best meal delivery services for people with diabetes compare:


We know that meal delivery services aren’t a small investment, which is why we’ve taken the time to test more than 25 of the most popular meal delivery services on the market.

Testers select a week’s worth of meals from multiple menus to get a well-rounded view of the types of flavors and ingredients offered.

During testing, we consider several factors, including the ease of the sign-up and meal selection process, the variety and nutritional composition of the meals offered, ingredient quality and freshness, how easy the meals are to cook, and, of course, the taste.

Learn more about how we test meal kits.



There are many factors to consider when choosing a diabetes-friendly meal delivery service, including:

  • Nutritional value: To support health blood sugar levels, meals should be low in refined carbs and added sugar and high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It can be helpful to choose a service that offers a menu specifically designed for people with diabetes.
  • Time commitment: If you like to cook, you may prefer a meal kit delivery service, which provides preportioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. On the other hand, if you’re short on time, look for a company that delivers fully prepared meals. In either case, take into account the recommended method of reheating and the time required. Some of our reviewers found it can sometimes take longer to prepare meals than the service says.
  • Household needs: Some companies offer meals that feed one person, which is a better choice for people who live alone or are looking for easy lunches. Other services offer meals that feed several people, which tend to suit couples or families.
  • Dietary needs: If you follow a specific diet or have any allergies or specific food preferences, it’s important to find a meal delivery service that caters to your needs.
  • Budget: The cost of meal delivery services can vary quite a bit, so be sure to consider your budget when finding a service that works for you.


Are ready-made meals OK for people with diabetes?

Prepared meals can be included as part of a balanced diet for people with diabetes. Be sure to consider the nutritional value and opt for meals that are low in refined carbs, sodium, and added sugar and rich in fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fats.

What is the best ready-made meal delivery service for people with diabetes?

Sunbasket is a great option for people with diabetes, as it offers a variety of meal kits and prepared meals that are nutritious and designed to support healthy blood sugar levels. 518 Kitchen, Snap Kitchen, Factor, and Mom’s Meals are also good options to consider if you prefer ready-made meals.

Does HelloFresh have a diabetes-friendly menu?

Though HelloFresh doesn’t have a menu designed specifically for diabetes, they do offer several low carb options.

In fact, all items labeled as “Carb Smart” on the menu contain around 40 g of net carbs per serving, which may be suitable for people living with diabetes.

Is Blue Apron good for people with diabetes?

Blue Apron doesn’t currently provide a low carb menu or meal plan specifically for people with diabetes. However, they do provide detailed information on the nutritional value and ingredients for each meal, so you can choose your meals accordingly to fit your needs.


Many meal delivery services provide nutritious meals that may help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Try out one of the diabetes-friendly meal delivery services on this list if you’re looking for a tasty, convenient way to improve your diet and overall health.

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