The 9 Best Meal Delivery Services for Older Adults in 2023

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Meal delivery services offer either fully prepared meals or meal kits that require little to no prep time. Explore our picks of the meal services that are best for older adults.

Prepared meal services:

Meal kit services:

As you age, following a nutritious diet is essential to reduce your chronic disease risk and maintain good health (1).

However, many seniors, or older adults, may find it difficult to prepare nutrient-dense meals themselves, which may lead to nutritional frailty — a condition characterized by loss of muscle mass and strength. This may make them more susceptible to injury and illness (1).

That’s why healthy meal delivery services may be a good option for some older adults. They deliver meals and ingredients straight to your door and are easy to prepare.

Here are 9 of the best healthy meal delivery services for older adults.


Some older adults may prefer convenient premade meals that only require heating before they’re ready to eat.

The following companies offer tasty meals that are ready in just a few minutes.


Although many older adults prefer fully prepared meals, meal kit delivery services are an excellent option for those who enjoy cooking.

The following companies deliver meal kits that make delicious, healthy dishes without the hassle of grocery shopping or prep work.



While researching the best meal delivery services for older adults, we considered the following factors:

  • Price: We included services at a variety of price points to accommodate different budgets.
  • Meals per week: Because some older adults may find it difficult to regularly shop for food and make healthy meals at home, we included services with various subscription options that will allow you to choose the number of meals you need per week.
  • Variety of healthy options: We looked for services that provide nutritious meals and meal kits and offer recommended meals and diets for specific health conditions.
  • Taste and ease of preparation: We looked for services that offer meals that are easy to prepare, and we tried many of them to find out whether the flavors and textures held up well to refrigeration and reheating.
  • Customer reviews: We considered customer satisfaction with these services and looked at reviews based on experience with customer service, food taste and variety, and more.
  • Vetting: The services on our list have been vetted to ensure that they align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. You can read more about our vetting process.


When choosing a meal delivery service, it’s important for older adults to consider the type of service that works best for them.

Individuals who don’t have a lot of energy or who live with a disability that makes cooking difficult may prefer services offering fully prepared meals.

For those who enjoy cooking, a meal kit delivery service can provide ingredients to make nutritious meals without the need for shopping.

Older adults with dietary restrictions should find a meal delivery company that caters to their diet. For example, Magic Kitchen offers low sodium and dialysis- and renal-friendly meals.

Additionally, those who live alone may prefer a meal service that offers fully prepared, one-person meals that can be frozen for future use.

Note that some older adults may qualify for a home-delivered meals benefit through their health insurance plans. Contact your health insurance company for more information.


When choosing a meal plan, consider your dietary restrictions and ability to cook. Plenty of meal delivery services offer recipe kits or fully prepared meals.



Meal delivery services are a great choice for older adults for various reasons.

Choosing a meal delivery service ensures that there will always be a balanced and filling meal option available, which is important for older adults who do not want to cook or cannot do so.

Signing up for a meal delivery service can also help improve calorie and nutrient intake and could help older adults with health conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease manage their symptoms.

It also removes the stress of grocery shopping, which can be difficult for older adults with certain health conditions or mobility issues.


What types of meals are best for older adults?

Every person has different nutrition needs, regardless of their age. However, most older adults will benefit from meals with higher protein and fiber.

As we age, we lose muscle mass and strength faster. Because of this, experts in the field of aging recommend that older adults consume more than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of protein: 0.36 grams (g) of protein per pound — 0.8 g per kilogram (kg) — per day (3)

Recommendations for adults 60+: 0.45–0.54 g of protein per pound — 1.0–1.2 grams per kg — per day (4)

Adding high protein ingredients to meals and snacks, like chicken, seafood, Greek yogurt, and lentils, can help older adults meet their protein needs.

Older adults with a condition that requires a specialized diet or who take one or more medications that may interact with certain foods should work with a healthcare professional like a registered dietitian to come up with a safe, nutritionally complete meal plan to support their overall health.

Which meal delivery service is best for seniors?

When choosing a meal delivery service, it’s important to consider the individual’s dietary needs, budget, and medical conditions.

For example, for an older adult with kidney disease, choosing a meal delivery service that offers meals suitable for someone following a renal diet is critical.

For older adults on a budget, choosing a service covered by health insurance plans like Medicaid or Medicare or a plan that offers low cost meals may be best.

Also, a meal kit delivery service may be a better choice for older adults who enjoy cooking and preparing meals for themselves.

What is the cheapest and healthiest meal delivery service?

More affordable meal delivery services include Mom’s Meals, Freshly, Sunbasket, Silver Cuisine, and Home Chef, all of which offer meals starting at less than $10 per serving.

Health insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid may fully or partially cover the cost of Mom’s Meals.

All the meal delivery services on this list provide nutritionally complete, healthy meals for older adults, though some do focus more on ingredient quality. For example, Sunbasket and The Good Kitchen use high quality ingredients such as organic produce and pasture-raised proteins, which some older adults may prefer.

What is an alternative to Meals on Wheels?

Meals on Wheels provides free or low cost meal services to older adults in need.

Depending on where you live, similar services may be available in your county.

Also, some meal delivery services, such as Mom’s Meals, may be covered by health insurance plans.

How do you get food for elderly parents?

If you have older parents who cannot go grocery shopping or prepare their own meals, it’s important to ensure they have access to nutritious foods.

You can sign them up for a grocery delivery service that delivers meals right to their door. There are also meal delivery services available that deliver fully prepared meals or meal kits, depending on their preference.

You can also drop groceries and meals off to them yourself, if possible.


For older adults, a meal delivery service is a great way to ensure that healthy and tasty meals are always available.

Numerous meal delivery services offer either fully prepared meals or meal kits, and some provide specialized dietary plans.

If you have questions about meal delivery services or need help choosing the best meal delivery service for your needs, it’s a good idea to contact a healthcare professional or a local registered dietitian for advice.

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